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It is simple, appealing and reactive theme with lots of options like Bootstrap, custom cursor, Sass, compass etc.

Update code in the Dev environment via SFTP or Git.

For the moment, you can leave this function disabled (decrease the performance).

With Drupal 8 just around the corner, it may seem odd that I would write a post about Drupal 7 theming, but I figured it would take some time for Drupal 8 to really become mainstream.

has a pretty good set of documentation for theming Drupal 7 so that should be your starting point. This file contains all the information, as well as configuration options for your theme.

One thing to note is that your theme name cannot contain hypens, spaces or punctuation.

I experimented with j Query Mobile’s technique table reflow, the footable module, and lastly Zurb’s responsive tables.

Also, when I do write that Drupal 8 theming post (coming soon), we can do some one to one comparisons on the things that have changed. Peeking into a theme folder reveals a bunch of folders littered with PHP files, stylesheets and who knows what else.

Trust me, there are a lot of differences between the two. The easiest way to wrap your head around things is to try and create a theme from scratch.

This is because Drupal uses this name in PHP functions so the same limitations for name-spacing apply. If you name this file Allows you to define which stylesheets gets loaded when you enable your theme.

Although it’s not labeled as required in the official documentation, I would consider as such because, unless you declare this, Drupal 7 doesn’t load any of your stylesheets by default. You can actually specify stylesheets for different media types and media queries, if you need to.


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