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But I was able to really transcend the place I was in because it was inspiring; I was on a tour bus -- and that's inspiring to me, but it might not be inspiring to everybody else in the world.

And my favorite songwriters in life are able to write about bigger things than themselves and their moment. lang, the Indigo Girls, and Elton John as some of your favorites -- and they're all gay.

We have a review of Carlile’s new CD coming up in this week’s print edition, but before you read the review, check out this interview with Chris Azzopardi about why she only writes about ex-girlfriends, who (or what) “Josephine” is and the twins she’s seen naked. I have The Neverending Story tattooed on my shoulders, and that’s just how I live my life — so I’ll probably always write from that vantage point.

A feels most indicative of your musical influences as a child. It’s the first record we’ve made outside the boundaries of working at a faraway studio with a major producer. I hope I don’t ever lose that, because that’s my compass. We went down to the creek a lot, and the frogs were insane.

Just after she finished up the first leg of a tour (the second begins in January) and overcame swine flu, Carlile sat down with to chat with Out about the best part of meeting Elton, her arresting girlfriend, and how her gay role models have made it easier to be out.It's even reflected in Bear Creek, released earlier this summer.The album was recorded in a mellow, experimental atmosphere.It really did feel like the kind of record you make if you are a kid having a sleepover and the parents aren’t there. “Just Kids” sounds like nothing you’ve recorded before. I call that my 3 o’clock in the morning song, because after the session would end and everybody would leave, I would work on this crazy song that I had been tossing around in my head that no one got. Are your twin collaborators, Phil and Tim Hanseroth, big kids too? We get together and catch frogs and things like that. What you hear at the end of the record was just a really great microphone that we ran out the back window and down to the creek to record the frogs, which is difficult, believe it or not. That whole area of the Northwest is significant to me.I couldn’t get anybody to get it because it was too difficult for me to play. It’s a rural northwestern recording studio built from a 100-year-old barn — more similar to my living situation. Country is just full of duets and has the best duets there are.Though she has yet to have wide commercial success, she has matured into an artist who fits into several worlds simultaneously — country, folk and rock — as she showed during a visit to Nashville this week for performances during the Americana Music Association conference and awards.


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