Bit intimidating metro spped dating

I said this to myself, resolutely, by way of answer to the intimidating storm.

Cruelty does not make you look intimidating it just makes people dislike you immensely.When my friends got to know me, they found out that I have a very dry sense of humor with a loud cackle.If any of you are within the LMU Film School during the weekdays, I guarantee you will hear a loud cackling laugh every now and then. When people talk to an intimidating woman for the first time, they believe that they are always being judged by the woman.Throughout most of my life, I would get comments from people, particularly men, who would tell me that I am intimidating.Now, the word "intimidating" seems a bit of a stretch for a woman like me.To have men tell me and other women that we are intimidating to them may have cost them the chance of a fun adventure with us.


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