Access vba turn off screenupdating

NOTE: These macros do not turn the Auto Filter off. They just change the Visible Drop Down property to False, for some columns. Screen Updating = False For Each c In Range(Cells(1, 1), Cells(1, i)) If c. Screen Updating = False For Each c In Range(Cells(1, 1), Cells(1, i)) Select Case c. I want to have the ready-only / notify message box (see attached) disappear when the already opened file was retrieved by other user. I think Dave is right that the code would NOT fire until after the message shows. Hi All I have a little problem that I cannot seem to overcome, I have been searching Google for a few days now, and none of the ways I have written have worked, so I am here asking for some don't mind I have a workbook that contains a few template spreadsheets, on this sheet I have a reset button, this button is designed to save a copy of the data into a history folder, then clear the data and resave in original blank format: This works using the following code: Range("G13: J42"). C29 Hi Colin Thanks for the detailed information and the file. I have created a process which takes the linked formula from A3 and puts it in B1 without the links. C29 will not stay like this but turn into the path of the original file ie '\Client\H$\Dashboard\[Dashboard.xls]Print Report'!

Can anyone please advise if there is any way to skip/disable the "read-only" message box when the excel file is being opened by other user and a tailor made message box will pop up instead? On the eve before Christmas, I'm writing this article on VBA code optimization for my blog readers as a gift. For example, a macro that required several seconds to complete in an earlier version of Excel may require several minutes to complete in a later version of Excel.It contains both the knowledge and good practices which if followed and used effectively then it might put you in elite category of excellent VBA programmers. This problem may occur if the following conditions are true: * The VBA macro modifies the properties of many rows or columns. C29)))))) The problem is the last part 'Print Report'! Thanks For example I have this in a Cell on the Calculator sheet =IF(K10="","Completed By Field Empty", IF(H5="","Gross to Net cannot be blank", IF(H3="","Week cannot be blank", IF(H7="","Edinburgh cannot be blank", IF(H8="","Aberdeen cannot be blank", IF(H9="","Inverness cannot be blank",'Print Report'! I want this to work regardless of the previous filters.


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